Restoring and Preserving Texas History

The current Green Valley School House was erected in  1919 on Farm-to-Market Road No. 2153, six-tenths of a mile north of   Farm-to-Market Road No. 428,   which connects the towns of Aubrey and Denton, Texas.    

 This is the third Green Valley School House. The   first was built in 1884, and was designated Green Valley School District   #20. It was a small, one room building about twenty feet by thirty feet, with   two windows each on the south and north, and only one door   on the east end.   A   strip of ceiling about three feet wide was placed across the west end of the   building and was painted black to serve as a blackboard. In the early part of 1894, this building was destroyed by fire.   

 In September 1894, the second Green Valley School   Building was erected one-half mile north of the original site. It was an   up-to-date frame schoolhouse about sixty feet long and thirty feet wide,   furnished with new and modern desks. There was an excellent blackboard with other modern equipment. Later, this building was demolished and the present building was   erected in 1919. It was erected just west of where the 1894 school building stood.  

The final building is the one that has been restored today.  The building was a large, four-room structure   (approximately seventy feet long and fifty feet wide)had a long hall   running from front to back, with a cement porch in front. In each of the rooms   stood a pot-bellied stove, fueled by coal.  A deep well was dug on the school grounds, which   furnished Artesian water via a windmill and overhead tank. Water was carried   to the school from the well in two large buckets, one for the boys' side of   the building and the other for the girls' side. This method of getting a   drink was improved and expanded in later years when each grade was   integrated with both boys and girls, and water was piped into the building.   

 There were no in-house bathrooms in any of these   early schools. Outdoor toilets called "privies" or "outhouses" were built   separately for girls and boys. They sat approximately sixty yards back from   the school house on the north and south corners of the school grounds.  Pupils who lived close would walk to school through   the fields or down dirt roads. Those who lived further away rode horses or   came in horse-drawn buggies or carts. There were always a number of horses   tied to the fence posts around the schoolhouse. The boys took care of the   girls' horses by unsaddling and removing their harnesses.  The group of children that emerged from the   Green Valley School grew up and developed into fine men and women who became upright, honest, and useful citizens.  

 The current Green Valley School was closed in 1949   and the school children were transferred to the Denton Independent School   District. The last teacher at the school was Florence Habern, who taught   only first and second grades the last two years. Ten grades were taught at   the school until 1935, when the reduction of grades started and gradually   went down to only two. On July 8, 1949, the Green Valley School District #20   was annexed to the Denton Independent School District. This action closed   the history on Green Valley School District #20

In March of 2011
, the Vietnam Veterans Chapter 920 took on the task of restoring the old school.  It is now a modern day community center with a portion of the building restored with a replica classroom, preserving Texas history.    

Use of the Facility:

 The facility is available to rent. Perfect venue for small events located in Horse country USA. For more info and details of pricing, please use the contact us link.