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In the Middle of Horse Country USA

100 Year Old School House Restored after 15,000 hours and 5 years work by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #920

Modern Day Facility

Available to rent for small or large groups. 

Home of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #920

Giving Back to Veterans and the Community.


Five Years and 15,000 hours restoring a 98 year old historic school. This is phase 1 and 2. Phase 3 is currently under development. See restoration link.

Wall of Honor

Honoring Those That Have Served

 Welcome to our   "Wall of Honor", recognizing those   who that   have served in our Armed Forces. This is just a small way to remember or honor those   who were/are defenders of our freedom. 

There are two options:

(1) Name and info listed on the website and a plaque on the "Wall of Honor"   in the Green Valley School  ($50.00).

(2) Items in #1, plus a   BIO on the website.

(Click Here, print the form and mail to   the address listed on the form. If you wish to add a BIO, please contact us   at info@greenvalleyshs.org.    Preferred format is a PDF file, but we can work with all formats.  



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100  Year Old School.

Green Valley School Historical Society

6900 FM 2153, Sanger, Texas 76227, United States